Thursday, April 26, 2007


Fuel Cells Cause Global Warming

In researching the many additional challenges associated with fuel cells the T-5 Group (a Think Tank) noted an issue with the way that Fuel Cells work. In the heat conversion process there seems to be a problem with the amount of heat they generate.

If the World is truly concerned with Global Warming then all those hydrogen cells will heat things up. In Urban areas this will exacerbate an already difficult situation with Urban Heat issues causing increased storm and weather intensities.

Consider the incredible challenge to minimize heat escaping on 10s of millions of Hydrogen Cell Vehicles on America's highways and in urban metro areas causing urban heat and the global warming concerns, as the number of Hydrogen Vehicles across the country increase over the next four decades.

All being true adds to the dilemma of "The Hydrogen Economy" (recommended reading list). It is also the case that in most of mankind's dilemmas we find the laws of unintended consequences. The fact that hydrogen cells puts out 400 to 1200 degrees of heat or more, which is a problem if all the vehicles are powered by hydrogen cell because of the greater heat footprint.

There for more work must be done to limit this heat down close to the ambient temperatures perhaps less, so they help cool things in the cities, which are already 5 - 10 degrees hotter due to all the concrete. This means more work and research is still needed.

This is not the only problem with Hydrogen Cells, merely one that few people are discussing. Perhaps no one wishes to make light of this problem because the Global Warming alarmists are indeed the same people promoting Hydrogen Cell Technologies. With new materials and ceramic coatings, it is feasible to limit the heat escaping to that of less that a regular car.


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