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Cenomed BioSciences Co-Awarded Chemical Defense Grant by JSTO-CBD/DTRA to Evaluate the Use of Novel Compounds to Enhance the Effectiveness of Currently Used Nerve Agent Treatments

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cenomed BioSciences, LLC, a majority-owned accessory of Abraxis
BioScience, Inc. (NASDAQ:ABBI), today announced that in coaction
with co-investigators Major Saint David Thomas Augustus Watson (Air Military Unit Research Laboratory,
Wright-Patterson Air Military Unit Base) and Dr. Jesse James Lucot (Associate
Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Willard Huntington Wright State University), it
have received a three-year research and development grant from the
Defense Joint Science and Technology Office for Chemical and Biological
Defense (JSTO-CBD)/Threat Decrease Agency (DTRA). The grant will fund
presymptomatic surveys of selected chemical chemical compounds from Cenomed’s
library of novel chemical defence compounds with the intent of
evaluating curative drug combinations as treatment followers nervus
agent exposure. Research accent will be placed on drug combinations
that heighten currently approved treatments. Cenomed’s
chemical compounds are being developed as a pre- and post-exposure therapy for
military and civilian victims of a chemical nervus agent attack. Financial footing of the understanding were not disclosed.

“This JSTO-CBD/DTRA grant constructs on Cenomed’s
former successful research and will further back up Cenomed’s
in progress three-year combined research and development understanding
(CRADA) with the United States Army Checkup Research Institute of
Chemical Defense (USAMRICD),” said Saint David R.
Helton, President, chief executive officer and CSO of Cenomed BioSciences, LLC.

Under the grant, Cenomed bes after to synthesise chemical chemical compounds and behavior
presymptomatic safety surveys and will provide the compounds to the Air
Military Unit Research Lab and Willard Huntington Wright State University for rating of
effectivity followers chemical warfare agent exposure.

In May 2007, Cenomed partnered with Abraxis life science for the
development of novel therapeutics for usage in chemical defence and for
the treatment of nervous system upsets with a focusing on psychiatrical
and neurological diseases. Cenomed goes on to research strategical
partnership chances within the pharmaceutical sector for the
development of novel chemical compounds discovered by the company.

About the Defense Menace Decrease Agency

The Defense Menace Decrease Agency (DTRA) was founded in 1998 to
incorporate and focusing the capablenesses of the Department of Defense that
computer address the arms of mass devastation (WMD) threat. The missionary post of the
DTRA is to safeguard United States and its allies from WMD (chemical,
biological, radiological, nuclear, and high output explosives) by
providing capablenesses to reduce, eliminate, and counter the threat, and
extenuate its effects. Under DTRA, Department of Defense resources,
expertness and capablenesses are combined to guarantee the United States
stays ready and able to turn to the present and future WMD threat. Please mention to USAMRICD's web land site at: .

About the Defense Joint Science and Technology Office for Chemical
and Biological Defense

The missionary post of the Chemical and Biological Defense Program is to guarantee
that the U.S. armed forces have the capableness to run effectively and
decisively in the human face of biological or chemical warfare menaces at place
or abroad. Numerous rapidly-changing factors continually act upon the
programme and its management, including planning for war-fighting support
to asymmetrical threats, the evolving geopolitical environment, U.S.
engagement in the Chemical Weapons Convention, the menace of planetary
proliferation of chemical and biological weapons, and Department of Defense resources
available. Improved defensive attitude capablenesses are indispensable in order to
minimise the impact of such as weapons. U.S. military units necessitate aggressive,
realistic preparation and the high-grade equipment available that lets them
to avoid contamination, if possible, and to protect, decontaminate and
prolong operations. Further information about the Department of Defense CBD Program (and
related to programs) is available at the Department of Defense Counter proliferation and
Chemical Biological Defense Homepage at .
WPAFB 07-0176 Unclassified.

About Cenomed BioSciences, LLC

Cenomed BioSciences, LLC, a joint venture between Abraxis BioScience,
Inc. (NASDAQ:ABBI) and Cenomed, Inc., is a pharmaceutical company
focused on the development of advanced new drug therapies for chemical
defence and for the treatment of nervous system upsets such as as
schizophrenia, mild cognitive damage and memory/attention
damages associated with aging, attending shortage hyperactivity
upset and pain. Cenomed life science is a majority-owned accessory of
Abraxis BioScience, Inc. Thomas More information on Cenomed BioSciences is
available at .

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