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E.U. Offers Serbia a Deal Towards Eventual Membership

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia, Nov. Seven — With a deadline for dialogues over the moot state of Kosovo just a calendar month away, the gave pro-Western forces in a encouragement today, initialing with Srbija a trade that could take to Srbija joining the 27-nation group.

The deal, which must now be agreed upon by European Union member states, qualifies that Srbija must first collar and bend over four warfare law-breakings surmises indicted in the Hague. But a prima human rights grouping quickly accused the European Union of caving in on old age of demands that Beograd bend over the suspects before any trades were made.

The four suspects still at big include the wartime commanding officer of the Bosnian Serbian Army, , and the political leader of the Serbs, . Both are accused of masterminding the worst atrociousness of the war, in which Bosnian Serbian military units killed more than than 8,000 Moslem work force and male children at Srebrenica.

The Serbian deputy sheriff premier minister, Bozidar Djelic, and the European commissioner for enlargement, Oli Rehn, initialed the accord. "This understanding is creating concrete benefits for the Serbian people and statuses for uniting not only states, but also people in a very true European spirit," Mr. Rehn said at a news conference in Bruxelles broadcast by the European Union.

Srbija was the last state in the western Balkan Mountains to travel toward such as a deal. Some of its neighbours now are stopping point to European Union membership.

The initialing of the Stabilization and Association Agreement could beef up the manus of pro-Western politicians and assorted nongovernmental groupings that impulse close neckties with Europe as they battle with the authorities of Prime Curate . Mr. Kostunica impeaches the Occident of planning to interrupt up Srbija by championship programs to allow Kosovo independence.

The United Nations have put a Dec. Ten deadline for negotiation to be completed between Srbija and the leadership of Kosovo's ethnical Albanian majority, after which the state is expected to declare independence.

Mr. Rehn stressed that the agreement initialed today could not take to rank unless the remaining warfare law-breakings surmises were arrested and sent to the international court for the former Federal Republic Of Yugoslavia in the Hague. But in the The Netherlands and Kingdom Of Belgium and among human rights campaigners, there were concerns that Europe had compromised in its demand that Srbija had to manus over the warfare law-breaking suspects from the 1992-95 warfare in Bosnia And Herzegovina before any additional agreements could be made.

"There are growing voices within the E.U. that Mladic is passé," said Param-Preet Singh, a lawyer with , in a telephone set interview from New York. "The issue facing the E.U. is whether it will abandon the victims of Srebrenica — the first race murder on European dirt since the Second World War — and its ain rules in the human face of other of import political challenges."

However a prima human rights recommend in Srbija welcomed the measure even while doubting that Mr. Kostunica would ever manus over the warfare criminals.

"Civil society and human rights organisations and the Democratic political party are afraid of Serbia's growth neckties with Russia," said Natasha Kandic, the manager of the Human-Centered Law Center, an organisation that have consistently campaigned for Srbija to manus over warfare law-breaking suspects to the Hague. "Now it is of import to consolidate their relation with the European Union."

Speaking in a telephone set interview from Belgrade, she said that ultimately, the European Union's gamble was improbable to rock the patriots in government. "I don't anticipate Srbija will collar Mladic, because for this authorities and premier minister," she said, "protecting Mladic is more than of import than Europe."

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