Sunday, November 11, 2007


Report: Coalition officers holding talks with Iraqi insurgents

: British People military officers have got met with Iraki insurrectionists as portion of attempts to stop sectarian force in the Center Eastern country, a British full general said in an interview published Sunday.

Maj. Gen. Alice Paul Newton, a senior British Army commanding officer in Iraq, told The Lord'S Day Telegraph that he takes a unit of measurement — along with a senior U.S. State Department functionary — that is contacting insurrectionists and their sympathisers to seek to happen common ground.

"Do we speak to people with blood on their hands? I certainly trust so," Newton was quoted as saying. "There is no point in us talking to people who haven't."

The negotiation between the unit, known as the Military Unit Strategic Battle Cell, and Sunnite and Shi'Ite cabals are portion of political attempts to underpin military additions from the U.S. rush of further military personnel sent in to control force and make statuses for the authorities to run the state effectively.

Officers have got got spoken to participants ranging from Sunnite sheikhs who have supported al-Qaida, to former members of Saddam Hussein's particular military units and Shi'Ite militiamen loyal to the Mahdi Army in meetings often conducted in hotels in neighbour countries, the newspaper said. Today in Europe

The unit of measurement utilizes military intelligence to place which insurrectionists to speak to, but many of the introductions come up through functionaries in the authorities of the Iraki premier minister, Nouri al-Maliki. Meetings are then arranged, either in alliance alkalis or in neighbour countries, with a promise to the insurrectionists that they will not be arrested, the Lord'S Day Telegraph reported.

"They are organisations that the authorities of Republic Of Iraq believes can be reconciled under certain conditions," Newton was quoted as saying.

Before switching sides or laying down their weapons, the Sunnite groupings often demand security guarantees, fearing they will be oppressed by the Shiite-dominated government, the study said.

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